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Who We Are

Value Investment Principals is an independent, unique, value-added, in- depth investment research service used by institutional and accredited investors.  Sandy Mehta, founder, identifies small to large-cap stocks that represent the classic Graham & Dodd tradition of “deep value” which are consistently contrary to conventional wisdom at the time they are published.

Why Value Investment Principals Research?

VIP's Forté; Strong Alpha from net cash stocks by identifying stocks with great upside potential with limited downside risk

Value Investment Principals Research methodology includes:

  1. Identifying companies with rock solid balance sheets: high net cash, surplus real estate, land, stakes in other listed companies, hard asset, etc. as a significant percentage of equity market cap
  2. Achieving a thorough understanding of the financial statements; high dividend yields, low valuation multiples and strong free cash flows. The goal at this stage is to rigorously search around the world for stocks which are extraordinarly undervalued.
  3. Conducting extensive primary research focusing on risk and reward. We believe such deep value stocks may offer superior risk- reward: valuation, dividends & balance sheet strength downside protection, and many of our ideas have multi bagger upside potential.
  4. Emphasizing significant discounts to comparable companies or the overall equity market
  5. Because the "deep value" is in undervalued stocks, we seek to unlock this value in ideas across sectors and countries. Many of our recommendations have the potential to become multi- baggers. With rigorous screening and a bottom-up approach we not only focus on momentum, we also bring attention to valuation.

What You Can Expect As A Client

The two comprehensive research products offered by Value Investment Principles: