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Who We Are

Bretton Woods Research, LLC is a macroeconomic research firm that analyzes the political economy from a supply-side framework. We assess fiscal, monetary and regulatory policy, in addition to political and geopolitical currents, in order to identify and anticipate risks and opportunities for growth and equity appreciation in the global economy.

Started in 2006, Bretton Woods Research continues to provide macroeconomic research for Wall Street institutional money management firms. We follow in the analytical tradition of Polyconomics, Inc., which offered macroeconomic research for more than twenty-five years before transitioning to a foundation in 2006.

Why Bretton Woods Research?

We provide a singular, coherent, and compelling framework with which to interpret and anticipate events in the global political economy. Clients often remark that the unique, big picture perspective we offer has been 'like a compass' and an invaluable part of their investment decision process.

At Bretton Woods Research, we pride ourselves on continuing with the great analytical tradition developed by late mentor and legendary supply-sider, Jude Wanniski. So, with a keen eye on gold, the Polaris to the universe of prices and a tutored understanding of the market, Bretton Woods consistently provides superior forecasting to its clients and an indispensable, day-to-day surveillance of the macroeconomy.

What You Can Expect As A Client

Reports and Briefs on significant developments that affect both domestic markets and the political economy, as well as developments and opportunities in foreign countries.

Recommended Readings highlight impact pieces, which offer important insights and supplement our ongoing analysis.

Conference Calls are an opportunity to run through the major issues that make up our macroeconomic outlook. Conference calls can be scheduled on a monthly basis or upon the request of our clients. We always welcome client communication.

The reports below correspond to our Year End Call Sheet where we review how our analysis stacks up against how events unfolded:

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